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Kuma Too presents charter guests with a personalized itinerary to dozens of cays and bays throughout the Virgin Islands of the United States. Although this itinerary was created when the COVID-19 Pandemic shutdown the British Virgin Islands, it has now become sought-after because of the many hidden-gem locations!

Day 1

Pick up at American Yacht Harbor, Red Hook, St Thomas. Sailing with the tranquil tradewinds, Kuma Too arrives at Buck Island for a snorkel adventure of the 190-foot long old freighter. The private bay with deep-blue water offers protection and numerous turtle sightings.

Honeymoon Bay, Water Island

Day 2

For those looking for more action, we sail into the bustling bay where pirates took refuge in the 18th century to experience the vibrant Historic District of Charlotte Amalie.

If an island beach bar is more your scene, Honeymoon Bay provides waterfront concessions and ice-cold umbrella cocktails. Hear the history of the uniquely acquired Water Island and the WWII-era Fort Segarra.

For the nature lover, a lunch stopover at Saba Island provides a breathtaking view of the nearly 200-foot hillside and wildlife sanctuary.

As the anchor digs into Brewer Bay's powdery sand, guests snorkel in the beautiful water searching for plentiful lobsters. Fit and active guests looking for an adventurous hike can stretch their legs with a climb up a rocky trail ascending almost 1000-feet for a magnificent view of the bay, Saba Island, St. Croix, and the Caribbean Sea.

Brewer's Bay, St. Thomas

Day 3

Sailing around St. Thomas’ wild and rugged westernmost cliffs and inaccessible cays, guests get a view of the Spanish Virgin Islands standing boldly on the horizon just 10 miles to the east.

Angel Fish

An early arrival to the top-rated Magen’s Bay introduces Chuckles, the giant 15-foot flamingo, and an opportunity for towables and water activities. The bay is home to turtle feeding grounds; a mile-long sandy shoreline; rock formations with colonies of brown booby birds, energetic schools of fish, and a deep sandy cavern; and dozens of stingrays.

Day 4

Giving guests the dreamt-about experience of total seclusion on an exotic island, we anchor in the sandy cut between Lovango and Congo Cays for unbeatable snorkeling before lunch. Still a seldom visited destination, the vibrant fan, brain, and tube coral are some of the healthiest in the entire region.

Snorkeling at Congo Cay

The numerous deer, donkey, goats, turtles, and friendly shark welcome you, as Kuma Too pulls into Francis or Maho Bay. Whether looking for various levels of hiking or water activities, guests can choose from a dinghy excursion to Whistling Cay, snorkel reefs teeming with sea turtles, a hike along Francis or Maria Hope Trails, or visit ashore to Maho Crossroads for live music.

Day 5

Continue onto Waterlemon Bay for some trekking and snorkeling. Waterlemon Cay offers more snorkeling for the water-lover; for the adventure-seeker, take the Johnny Horne Trail up for a view or head to the Annaberg Sugar Mill Ruins where you may be lucky enough to collect fresh papaya, sugar cane, or stem of oregano from the gardener. On board Chef Mandy prepares many meals with boat-grown herbs that originated from those gardens.

This calm bay is perfect for paddle boarding and kayaking, or better yet, floating on a noodle with a cold beer in hand!

Day 6

If conditions cooperate, venture to the seldom-visited Flanagan Island Nature Reserve or stop in Coral Bay for lunch at Lime Out, the only floating taco bar with the best tacos and cocktails in the Caribbean!

Lime Out, Floating Taco Bar

Take in the most scenic destination on St. John, Saltpond Bay. Captain Joe leads guests around the salt pond to Drunk Bay, so they can add their ‘drunk’ rock-people to the collection! Enjoy the beach and snorkeling, or on the Ram Head Trail, stop along Blue Cobblestone Beach to close your eyes and just listen as the waves recede over the smooth green and blue pebbles.

If Salt Pond's limited moorings are full, don't be disappointed, venture on to Lameshur Bay for total seclusion surrounded by nature. The green hillside, void of homes and light pollution, is painted by the setting sun's shadows and rays. The rocky beach of Great Lameshur offers another unique snorkeling experience, or snorkel off the sandy beach of Little Lameshur.

Day 7

With endless options for exploration, Lameshur Bay offers a relaxing beach day, fun snorkeling, or adventurous hiking on trails ranging from low-key to very challenging, there’s something for everyone before heading to the final overnight destination. After a downwind sail, Kuma Too settles into Christmas Cove off Great St. James island.

Day 8

Before heading back to American Yacht Harbor, St. Thomas, search for the family of squid and giant schools of fish living around Christmas Cove. And if the craving for pizza creeps in, place an order over the VHF radio for dinghy delivery from Pizza Pi.

*This is only a sample of destinations throughout the US Virgin Islands. Itineraries are always customized based on guests' interests and determined by weather. Activity and fitness level are taken into consideration for hikes and snorkeling adventures.

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