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Anegada, The Outlier

Differing in terrain from the rest of the Virgin Islands, Anegada is a coral island surrounded by a barrier reef that lies 12 miles north of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. Relying heavily on tourism, Anegada provides an array of island-time activities and the best snorkeling throughout the Virgin Islands.

Arrive to the island by air or sea, and watch as the flat isle slowly takes shape. By air, a Twin Cessna aircraft shuttles visitors from Virgin Gorda and Tortola to Anegada's small landing strip. By sea, the silhouettes of trees are the first clue land is approaching. Proceeding through a clearly marked channel to the main anchorage, it is recommended to enter with a high-sun, accurate charts, and a confident captain. Weather conditions have to be right to make it to Anegada on charter, and guests' interests are taken into consideration. With dozens of destinations for a week-long charter, we have to forego other desirable stops to fit Anegada into the itinerary.

To really experience Anegada, you must venture around the island by vehicle or boat! Vehicle rental options include scooters, Jeep Wranglers, pick-up trucks with bed bench seating, and Mokes (4-person electric cars). I do not recommend a scooter, as the island road has many parts that are sandy resulting in dropping the scooter (ask me how I know 😉).

Circumnavigating the island by land is a fun day's adventure. Pulling away from town, don't pass up Sid's at Pomato Point. Beside having the best sunset view on the island, Sid's serves up delicious cuisine with a plush open-air dining room. Along with many vegetarian options on their menu, they present Caribbean favorites in creative new ways. Cruising down the mixed gravel sandy road, we come upon Cow Wreck Beach. Yes, named for the cows that congregate in the area! Cow Wreck Beach is the party spot with a lively bar scene, stunning beach, and great snorkeling. Continuing on to the one-stop shop, Anegada Beach Club offers private beachfront palapa bungalows, a swimming pool, beach games, bars and restaurants, and a full service kitesurfing school.

Along the northeast coast at Big Bamboo Bar and Restaurant, peaceful hammocks and playful swings lay under shaded climbing trees surrounding a boardwalk leading to a white-sand beach with a bright blue ocean backdrop. On the other end of Loblolly Bay with unrivaled snorkeling, Flash of Beauty restaurant welcomes patrons with a low-key environment letting natural beauty provide the ambiance. As you roll through town, The Settlement, stop at the Rock Iguana Headstart Facility to see the efforts to boost numbers of the critically endangered Anegada Rock Iguanas, not to be confused with the Green Iguanas. And before returning your rental, don't miss the raised lookout over the aptly named Flamingo Pond to view the vibrant Caribbean Flamingos.

Elegant Caribbean Flamingos at the Reef

Life revolves around the azure waters of the islands, so it is fitting to take a powerboat tour by hiring a local guide to navigate the shallow reef protecting Anegada. Kelly’s Land and Sea Tour visits the Famous Conch Island and Horseshoe Reef known to be the best snorkeling in the BVI with a lobster hunt and education on harvesting conch. Conch Island is where local fisherman have discarded shells for decades after harvesting the conch. Queen conch is now an endangered species with strict regulations for harvesting. Depending on the time of day, you may get a magnificent aerial show by the flamboyance (flock) of Caribbean Flamingos when they’re feeding on the reef inshore. Emerging as one of the best bonefishing destinations, Anegada attracts lifetime anglers and greenhorn fly fishermen from around the world.

As the sun begins to sink on the horizon the dockside hustle and bustle begins, as grill masters pull live lobsters awaiting their fate from the underwater cages and prepare the newly caught fish of the day - it doesn’t get fresher than this! It’s impossible to single out any of the fabulous restaurants that surround the anchorage: Potter’s by the Sea, Anegada Reef Hotel, The Lobster Trap, The Wonky Dog, and Neptune’s Treasure (with a savory bakery!). Be sure to make a reservation since these chefs only cooks for scheduled diners. By dessert, the live music softly echoes throughout the harbor closing out an incredible day on the remote island of Anegada.

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Until next time, Happy Sailing!

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